Self Sabotage & Imposter Syndrome 

I am sure you already know the #1 problem people wanting to get to the next level is:

I had a client call me in a panic, this client was a super successful business type, they were about to give their first big talk at a conference when they felt like running away because, as she said, “Everyone will just know I am a fraud and imposter” before I tell you what I did read on.
Do you know that when “impostor syndrome” takes hold, it can leave you in constant fear of being outed as a fraud . . .it truly is self-sabotage on steroids

This state will leave one in pit of despair and fear, and trap them in cycles of crippling anxiety, overwhelming depression, or pervasive feelings of shame.
Has this ever happened to you? Most do not even talk about this, even behind closed doors.

So do you know the best technique for working with impostor syndrome?

Right now, I am working with a select few people who want to rid themselves of this nasty habit.

This stuff is so good I am excited to share it, here’s some of what’s inside:
Break Free of Self Sabotage
How to Work with Impostor Syndrome That’s Rooted in shame, guilt, or Trauma
• How to Work with Impostor Syndrome at the Level of the Nervous System
• How to Work with the Impact of Impostor Syndrome on Your Relationships
• How to Identify What’s Triggering Your Impostor Syndrome (and Practical Strategies for Working with Each Trigger)
• How to Work with the Body to Shift yourself Out of Impostor Syndrome..

So the only question is: Are you ready to break free or will you stay in that cycle of self-sabotage? Leave a comment or DM me for more…

Stop Self Sabotage 

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