Rookie To All Pro



The steps to go from newbie or “Rookie” to All Pro in any area of your life!



Learn The  Most Effective Hypnotic & NLP Patterns to Persuade with the NLP  Techniques To Take you from Rookie to an ALL-Pro!. The result for you? More sales, more social media engagement, more power!

Do you know the secret to Success is Using NLP To Take you from Zero to Hero? Those Techniques that gives you the “Inside Advantage”?

A Multi Day course  Training that teaches you how to persuade your inner mind to jumpstart your life!

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Imagine being able to walk into any room and feel like the best person there. Imagine being able to send an email, or write a post that’s  to hook anyone, persuade them, and get them on your side. That’s what this training can do for you – it will give you the tools you need to succeed in any situation. You won’t regret signing up for this program.

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We all know Sears, KMart, Toy’s R Us, Radio Shack, Blockbuster, Bed Bath and Beyond are dead or dying NOW!

It is sad to see, is it not?  But we all know why it happened. They did not adapt and change. They had the means to take advantage, but were stuck in an old mindset.

Sear or Radio Shack could have built the first “Amazon” selling their brands online. Sears could have dominated selling Craftsman tools and appliances and Radio Shack the world of electronics.

But they persisted in the flawed mindset & thinking they did not need to adapt to survive.

Could you be next?


But they are not alone are they? Every industry, including coaching and marketing is being eliminated daily because they do not have do not get the “Inside Advantage”.

It does not have to be this way! There is a “SECRET” way for you to compete with the big brands and internet guru’s and build your business.

I can give you the tools to master “The Inside Advantage” easily and effortlessly.

The “Hypnotic Writing and Over The Top Marketing” course is an amazing new course that will give you the secrets only known to a select few of those super successful marketers.

This material is so good I have been begged and threatened not to teach this!

It is so good I am thinking of having students sign a NDA and swear to only use this for good!

This course stops you from wasting your time time writing ineffective ads or posts so you will get double the results in half the time.

I know that you, like me, want to help more people and increase your bottom line that is why I am so passionate about “Hypnotic Writing and Over The Top Marketing 2.0”.

Did you know small companies need to be 2x to 3x better at getting their message out than the big brands and names just to compete?

Look I have taught most of the leaders in the fields of hypnosis, NLP, and coaching for the last 35 years. Let me guide you in what I have only taught to a select few.

Tony Robbins, or Eckhart Tolle , or their team can post “click here” and get 100.000 likes. You spend hours crafting a insightful help post that gets little notice. Large national brands (and people) can also spend huge amounts to boost their exposure.

Smaller brands have to try much harder and be more effective just to have a fighting chance. The “Hypnotic Writing and Over The Top Marketing” is your Secret Inside Advantage” to bypass this and excel!

Join us or get left on the scrap heap of those that did not adapt!it duis. Scelerisque est dapibus integer, at per orci risus habitasse placerat tincidunt!

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