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Is The 21 Day Beat The Booze Challenge For You?

The Beat The Booze 21 Day Challenge is a self-paced 21 day live module online learning program based on a scientific method that has been helping people break free from drinking to much.. Starting

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How The Beat The Booze Challenge Works

It was created by Dr. William D. Horton, one of the world’s Leading Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainers. Dr. Horton uses the most effective, neuroscience-based method to help you find freedom from alcohol in the privacy of your home.

  • It does not take willpower.
  • You change when you want.
  • There is no judgment.
  • It’s neuroscience-based.
  • There is no failure.

Is the BEAT THE BOOZE Challenge Right for Me?

The Beat The Booze Live Program is perfect for you if…

  • You’re of two minds about drinking – you both want to drink less but also feel like something is missing whenever you abstain.
  • You’re wondering if drinking is taking more from you than it’s giving back.
  • You’re wondering if alcohol is worth the hassle and pain.
  • You try to drink less but find that life is stressful and alcohol has always been one of your major stress relievers.
  • You’ve tried to quit before by using willpower. And it didn’t work – which makes you feel frustrated, weak, and defeated around alcohol.
  • You’re drinking more than you ever wanted to, without ever making a choice to do so.
  • You can go a few days without alcohol but it feels miserable, like you’re being deprived of something important.
  • You’re ready to regain complete control over your drinking habits, your life, your health, your happiness, and your freedom.
  • You’re looking forward to feeling great on a Saturday night and feeling amazing on Sunday morning.
  • You’re ready to show up in life as your best self and feel confident and in control again.

Real Clients | Real Reviews

“My only regret is not doing this sooner.”​​​​​​​

I love my husband and knew I was drinking too much, the one glass of wine after work turned into a whole bottle, I though no one knew then he gave me the ultimatum, I was telling my dad expecting sympathy and he said “I would have left you a long time ago”. I didn’t know what to do but with my husband’s travel schedule I couldn’t go away to treatment (plus I had never seen it work for friends) A cousin knew of Dr. Horton and “The Alcohol and Addiction Solution” My only regret is not doing this sooner. My husband trusts me again, thanks
-Betty N.Boston.

I now have more fun than I ever thought possible, without a mood altering substance!

As a former restaurant owner having a few beers to wind down after work turned into a daily routine that developed into a “must have”, it got to the point where I did not think I could not stop drinking, and if I did would I ever have fun again, or be able to relax. Dr. Will not only helped me find the desire to stop drinking, but helped me stop and stay stopped (over 16 years sober now ) with absolutely no desire to drink. I now have more fun than I ever thought possible, without a mood altering substance! I can tell if you need help to stop drinking, Dr. Will is the “go to person
-Michael J.Canada.

I now understand why I drank, and I am FREE! Thanks Dr. Will!

I was skeptical about the things Dr. Horton talks about but boy is he spot on. He goes over in detail about his battles in overcoming alcohol through his life which are both profound and inspiring. He has studied addiction for over 30 years and it shows, this is not some quick thing.The information is extremely well researched. It is scenically documented and profound. I had tried AA and only had limited success, but after this program, I now understand why I drank, and I am FREE!
-Mary G.Orlando.

What sets the BEAT THE BOOZE 21 Day Challenge apart from any other program?

No Willpower
There’s no request to use your willpower. You probably have heard enough on how to use your willpower to stop drinking…

No Pressure
There’s no pressure. You don’t need to stop drinking when you sign up… You’ll learn how the idea of ‘never having another drink’

No Judgment
There’s no judgment. No Shame. No Labels. You’ll never be judged or take on a label to declare yourself powerless.

No Guesswork
There’s no guesswork or religion. This is a rational, science-based approach. You’ll learn the psychology behind your desires,

No Willpower
Well, this is a willpower-free zone. You’ll learn exactly why setting limits on yourself and not allowing yourself to have a drink has the exact opposite effect – making you want to drink even more!

No Pressure
can actually keep you stuck! There is no need to change your behaviour until you actually want to. You will never be pressured to make a decision that you are not ready for or don’t want to make.

No Judgment
Instead you will learn how to use your brain to regain control around alcohol and how to veto all the crazy misinformation in society’s conversation around drinking!

No Guesswork
firmly rooted in the latest psychology and neuroscience. You’ll understand your unwanted cravings, desires, and how to eliminate them before they become urges you feel compelled to act on.

Still, have questions? Let’s answer them…

What if I am not ready to stop drinking just yet – Will I need to stop before I start this course?
No! You won’t be asked to make any change until you are ready, empowered and feeling good about it. Deprivation creates stress and stress makes us drink. The point is to absorb the information in a state of mind that is positive and hopeful – so you will never be asked to make a change before you are ready to embrace it.

Will I have to avoid pubs and parties?
No! The Alcohol and Addiction Solution helps you overcome your subconscious desires so you can still have a social life. Instead of wanting to drink, you will have the chance to make a conscious decision to NOT drink. You’ll have the control over alcohol.

Can I do the course at my own pace?
Yes. You will have lifetime access to all the materials, so if something comes up, that is no problem. Achieving these life-changing results is worth taking your time. However long it takes you to process the information and ensure you’re getting the most benefit is entirely up to you. Again, the program is yours forever.

How can I know if I am physically addicted?
A recent government study (by the CDC) showed that only 10% of heavy drinkers are physically addicted. If you cannot get past 1 day, or feel physically ill when you take a break from drinking, you might be addicted. If you suspect this, it is vital you consult with your doctor. This program is not intended as medical advice, and detox from alcohol can be life threatening

Can I do the program with my partner?
Definitely. We encourage you to gain the support of those around you. You can both login to the same account and do it together. Accountability makes it much more fun!

About Dr. Will Horton

Dr. William D. Horton, Psy.D, CADC, CI, MH, is considered by many to be the world’s Leading Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer.

A Licensed Psychologist, Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, and Master Hypnotist, Dr. Will created the Alcohol and Addiction Solution Program to help people regain control of their lives by changing their relationship with alcohol.

“With the right tools anyone can overcome alcohol addiction”, he did it and you can too!

​​​​​​​Important Note: The Beat The Booze Program is not for you if…

  1. You have a strong physical addiction to alcohol, and find yourself becoming physically ill or suffer from intense withdrawal symptoms whenever you cut back or abstain – such as delirium tremors or hallucinations.
  2. If this is you and you are truly physically addicted to alcohol, this course may help with your emotional and psychological addiction by adjusting your perspective and your relationship with alcohol, helping to erase your desires to drink, but it is not a supplement for making sure you stay healthy through the process.
  3. If you are physically addicted, please consult your doctor to receive medical assistance through the detoxification process. Your health is critical to your success!

I Got my life back!

“I feel so happy that I finally have the answer to my alcohol addiction. This has been a life-saver.”

I had been struggling with the philosophy of AA for 15 years, but eventually, I turned back to alcohol. In the program, I have found all the information relevant and easy to follow. I finally have no desire to drink.

It has changed my life for good. Thank you, Dr. Will”

Derek M., Boston