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Jumpstart your persuasive prowess with my Neuro Linguistic Pre-Suasion Course – influencing minds with precision.

Influence Minds with Precision! 
Increase your persuasive prowess with my Neuro Linguistic Pre-Suasion Master Class.

6 Key Insights Covered:

Embark on Dr. Will Horton's pioneering Neuro Linguistic Pre-Suasion Course, where he introduces groundbreaking concepts and techniques that he has personally pioneered in the field of NLP psychology. 

Join a captivating journey into the art and science of capturing attention, framing messages, and maximizing the likelihood of successful persuasion, all shaped by Dr. Horton's innovative contributions to the realm of pre-suasion.


The Power of Attention: Strategically capture focus to lay the groundwork for effective persuasion.".


Association and Linking: Leverage natural connections to enhance persuasion – link ideas subtly for favorable reception.


Unity and Shared Identity: Harness social bonds for pre-suasion – emphasize commonalities to boost receptiveness.


The Principle of Authority: Enhance persuasion by subtly showcasing expertise, capitalizing on perceived credibility.


Timing and Context: Enhance persuasion by aligning messages with the right moment and context.


Ethical Considerations: Use pre-suasion ethically to empower informed decisions, avoiding manipulation

About Your Teacher

Dr. Will Horton

Meet the transformative force behind your journey to self-mastery, ultimate business and sales excellence: Dr. William Horton, Psy. D. is a renowned figure in the world of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis training, acclaimed as the world's leading expert in these fields. With a distinguished career spanning  four decades, he has more awards and accolades than anyone and Dr. Horton has left an indelible mark on the realms of personal development, sales, and business.

Background and Education: Dr. William Horton
earned his Doctorate in Psychology (Psy. D.), which provided him with a solid foundation in the intricacies of the human mind. His academic achievements laid the groundwork for his groundbreaking work in NLP and Hypnosis.

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Neuro Linguistic Pre-suasion

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In his groundbreaking course Dr. Horton takes us on a captivating journey into the art and science of capturing attention, framing messages, and ultimately maximizing the likelihood of successful persuasion. 

The Power of Attention
Association & Linkage
Unity & Shared Identity
The Principle of Authority
Timing & Context
Ethical Considerations

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“The Power of State” - This excerpt from my bestselling book the "Inner Power" shares the six human needs you must meet in order to develop persuasive confidence.

What can I learn about my inner power today?
What will be different if I already know it?
How can I apply this new information?
Do I have any blocks, and if so, what coping mechanisms can I employ?
What can I learn new today, even if it's just a slightly different perspective?
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I've taken a few courses from Dr. Horton and will continue to take new courses in future. I love Dr. Horton's teaching style, he teaches with real life examples that makes learning interesting, relatable and lifelong. Dr. Horton is passionate about what he does. I highly recommend everyone to choose Dr. Horton as their teacher.

Ruby Birdi

ON, Canada


I encourage anyone who wants to be more effective in all their communications to take this course. Well organized , important content for being effective. Experienced and successful instructor. Real support. And fun! All at a price that won't break the bank. Watch the positive changes to your business and to your life.

Deborah Yaffee, CH., CN.

 Senior Trainer, Tai Chi for Health Institute

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